Kapanga Psalm

mango tree

Blessed be the breeze in the dust and hard heat and blessed too the Mango tree its luscious fruit, its inky ancient shade and blessed be all waters the basin, the bucket, the pollen-yellow five liter cans that… Read More

Gratitude Prayer

congolese woman with her child

  For the vicious depths of sleep where tidal dreams rise and rinse my restless mind and remake of me a calming pool.   And for the trees their broken limbs still full of sap soon an altered… Read More

The Gimme Syndrome

bucket of peanuts

  The very first morning I was here in the village of Musumba I was greeted by a pastor I would soon enjoy and call a friend. He has a bit of Kosmo Kramer in him, which makes… Read More

Au Revoir

  This final 48 hours we feel a heavy sense of weariness being around such deep human need. This morning it is as it has been for the past three weeks, is very dry and warm. There has… Read More

Shame and Blame

child waiting with older sibling at Nutrition Program office

  There are some theologians who now talk about Jesus growing up in and living his life and ministry in a “shame and blame” culture. There are certainly lots of instances where shame and blame play a part… Read More