So Much to Learn

I am often asked for a few resources about Africa. Here are three I’ve found especially helpful. I’ll also put an outline in an upcoming blog that sketches out an “African worldview.” Written by a Congolese sociologist, it… Read More

Not so Lean Cuisine

Boy on hand-made scooter

  We are just 48 hours away from flying back to Lubumbashi, so I thought a few of you might be interested in the diet we have been on here. We have both lost about 12 pounds −… Read More

Mike Wallace in Musumba

A Newsweek magazine came up with the plane this week. I have not seen a newspaper or listened to radio or TV since being here, so reading through it was a treat. I came across the news that… Read More

Keep the Windows Open

If you are reading this blog in the next two weeks know that we are in the DRC sorting out how to best partner with our extended family in Musumba Village, how to serve together to create a… Read More

Paying Attention

Song writer Carrie Newcomer wrote a song called “Holy as a Day is Spent” that continues to move me every time I move through the text: holy is the dish and drain the soap and sink, the cup… Read More

An African Worldview

This book was passed to us by United Methodist missionaries who had worked in country for 30 years as a “must read.” Munza is a native Congolese with a Christian perspective on his culture….but even if you aren’t… Read More