Child Falls Down Well!

Funny old world. Anybody remember “Baby Jessica?” Twenty-six years ago, this eighteen-month-old infant fell down a well and the world went ballistic! Trapped for 59 hours, she was finally rescued by drilling a parallel hole but during those… Read More

Come Play!

Consider the genius of Genesis. The author places the God of the cosmos in a seven-act play. May I? Holy play. In act one, the winds move across deep, dark waters and at a Word, first light. And… Read More

Got Sugar?

Under the surface, gift-giving in all cultures to some extent is about establishing and maintaining relationships, sorting out issues of power, and shaping expectations. Alice and I have yet to figure completely how the system all works yet… Read More

Moringa Oleifera, The Miracle Tree!

If God consulted me in creating a new Garden of Eden, I’d lobby hard to have a Moringa tree in its center. After reading the listing below of its amazing properties, see if you don’t agree that calling… Read More

Hey Everybody Listen Up!

“Hey everybody, turn up your radios, go outside right now and get your neighbors and friends! Gather round and pay attention because tonight we’re going to tell you why these white people are walking around our village!” That… Read More

Jars of Tears

“Face evil at its inception. Face it immediately. Don’t let it grow. Watch for its beginnings. Learn the value of small gestures—the single smile, the tiny act of generosity. These justify humanity. Know that the mystery of good… Read More

A Sweet Measure of Success

This morning we are to meet with our nutrition team. A year has passed since we have all been together. We left them last June with enough super vitamin mix and funding for the rest of the ingredients… Read More

Sacred Song and Crayon Chaos

Still jet lagged, I’m up at dawn. I duck when “Baseball,” our resident bat, and few of this teammates return to roost in our rafters as I get my coffee and watch the sun begin to fill the… Read More