Leaving the World of “They”

DSCN0705 “The world of “they” is not a Christian world.”  Fred Craddock

We are in a dangerous season for people of faith–a political season. Dangerous not because we are asked to pray and listen and choose. No. Not dangerous because we are called to vote and seek to persuade others to come over to our side, our choice.  No, no. The great danger is that through it all we might leave the sacred world of “we” for the dark world of “they.”  The danger is that we might really begin to believe in a Me-Mine, Us vs. Them worldview.  The danger is that we substitute red or blue state for the only state that will give us all what we want, our hearts desires, and that is the state of grace, and you get to grace by welcoming and building bridges, opening doors, and setting a place at your table for anyone who comes by.  The highest good must be the common good.

Recently, when a neighbor heard about feedcongokids they said, “Well, what about the kids right here?  Aren’t there hungry kids near by we should help?”

“You bet,” I said.  “Good thinking.  My church has a food bank and needs help.  Can I sign you up?”

“That’s not the point,” they said, getting angry with me.  “And you know it.”

“Right, right,” I admitted.  “but you see I got kids and grandkids in The Congo, so forgive me for wanting to help them too.”

“You’ve really got relations in the Congo?”

“Oh, yeah.  The Jesus thing you know.  All one family.  All responsible for one another.”

You see?  We, is the only world worth living in.  Now look, I’m a political junkie, but I’ve realized I have to be careful.  So much of what I hear is beginning to come over my soul like a cold shadow.  Let me be clear, I’m with her but that won’t help this sense of danger for my very soul, a sense of getting lost in fear, hate and despair rather than saved by wonder , love and praise.

So, here’s the advice I’m taking myself.  If you have been pulled into the “world of they,” get out.  You don’t belong there. Compassion won’t root there and one other sure sign of God, joy, doesn’t have a chance. (C.S.Lewis)

So I’m reenlisting in the world of “We.”  This is who I want to be, am called to be. Plan to do my best to not give any more quality time to the “they world.” Life is too short for such dangerous mischief.

Now, who wants to help me put more leaves in the dinner table?

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