Not often in life is there an opportunity to make such a clear and huge difference in children’s lives. Through our non-profit partner, Our Family in Africa, your gifts are like life jackets to children who are about to drown. We are all volunteers, so your donation goes directly to helping children in desperate need.

Donate online now through our non-profit umbrella organization Our Family in Africa! (pick Feed Congo Kids in the fund drop-down menu.) Or donate via PayPal on our Facebook page!

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$50 = cost of supporting one child through the four-week nutrition course of treatment.

$250 = a hand-mixer.

$300 = a year’s worth of oil for the program.

$400 = one hand-powered peanut grinder.

$480 = annual salary of one of our five nurses.

$500 = sugar supply for one year.

$1000 = vitamins/minerals for one year.

$1800 = milk supply for one year.

$2000 = peanut supply for one year.