The Sacrament of Christmas

20131218 Redreaming'

I make an act of faith to all humankind,

where doubts would linger and suspicions brood.

I make an act of joy toward all sad hearts,

where laughter pales and tears abound.

I make an act of strength toward feeble things,

where life grows dim and death draws near.

I make an act of trust toward all of life,

where fears preside and distrusts keep watch.

I make an act of love toward friend and foe,

where trust is weak and hate burns bright.

I make a deed to God of al my days–

and look out on life with quiet eyes.         Howard Thurman.

Dear Friends,

I hope Howard’s prayer is a help in these difficult, holy-dark days. Pray for the people of The DRC.  With the chaos caused by political strife, most agencies are bringing their people out of the country.  UM missionaries won’t be returning after Christmas home visits, at least for a while, and even the US embassy has evacuated.

Our feeding program is able to continue because is run by native peoples, but resupply may become impossible in the months to come.

A blessed Christmas and holy New Year.   Rody & Alice.


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